Goat hanger,  200 €
Accessory box,  25 €
Print with 6 coasters, 120 €
Acrobatic animals, woodblock print,  100 €


Hikifuda  (c.1880-1920)
1.   Advertisement calendar for Inaba Yasujiro’s paper and stationary shop in Kyoto, woodcut 1887. Good condition, small patched tear on upper edge, 120 €
2.   New Year hikifuda poster, Traveller’s Inn Kamaya Seihachi, lithography c.1900-12. Excellent condition, 90 €
3.   Advertisement calendar for umbrella and paper lantern shop Shijo Kanten, woodcut 1886. Excellent condition, 100€
4.   Advertisement calendar for Soya sauce and salt merchant Yamamoto Kiheiei, woodcut 1890. Good condition /some small holes on upper right edge, 100 €
5.   Advertisement calendar for Seafood shop Masuya Shoten in Fukagawa, lithography 1917. Good condition, shallow fold in the middle, some repairs on edges, 280 €
6.   New Year hikifuda poster, Tsukamoto Sadajiro’s shop of mosquito nets and various textiles, woodcut c. 1880-1900. Excellent condition, 280 €
7.   New Year hikifuda poster, Akamatsu Kichibei, merchant of soy sauce in Kyoto, woodcut c. 1880-1900. Good condition, only some small tears on down edge, 260 €
8.   Advertisement calendar for Maeda Chogoro’s shop of account books and various paper products, woodcut 1888. Excellent condition, 120 €
9.   New Year hikifuda poster, Soy sauce shop Morikanten in Seze, Shiga, lithigraphy & relief print c. 1880-1900. Good condition, some light stains on edges and one stain in the middle (on the background), 250 €
10. New Year hikifuda poster,  Kimono shop Matsui Shoten, lithography c.1900-12. Excellent condition, 70 €
11. New Year gift calendar, Nemoto Seizaburo’s shop of kimonos and Chinese products in Gumma, woodcut 1896. Excellent condition,  300 €
12. Poster for Morii Seibei, merchant of various pottery and chinaware in Osaka. c.1900-12. Table of postal fees on right upper corner (yellow box) Good condition /small stain on upper left corner,  lithography & letter press 150 €

Pochibukuro  (c. 1890-1930)
1.  Hiroshige’s Tokaido series in miniature (55 pieces). Picture side in excellent condition, slight glue marks on reverse side. Wrapping bags also in good condition. Price for the complete set 800 €. Postage inside EU is included in the price.
2.  Comical Manga series. Excellent condition. Set of 6 prints 78 €, Price for one image 15 €. Postage included in the price.
3.  Otsu-e series. Picture side in good condition (except no.3 with tear on the sides), slight glue marks on reverse side. Narrow type 12 €/each (no.3 for 6 €), wide type 15 € /each  Postage included in the price.

All sales items include Finnish VAT:
Tuula’s prints and craft works 10%, Japanese prints 24%.
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